Jan 31, 2012

Brown Shoes

Last week, there's an event held in Jakarta. Next Level is an event that you can find all fashion product from Indonesian designer. I can't go to that event, because I've a lot of assignment. So I ask Bertha to find a cute stuff in there. And she found a cute vintage shoes. I really love it !!

Guys, I'm really sorry if I can't reply or comment in your post, because an error occurred. I'm really really sorry... But thanks for visiting and comment in my blog. I'll try to comment in your post soon. 

Jan 26, 2012

Dream Job

This month is a busiest month ever for me !! There's a  lot of deadline. One of my assignment is campus magazine. It's one of my dream for become a fashion editor, and I made it !! Actually I'm not just as a fashion editor, but also a photography. YIPEEEEE !! I really love this job...

with Ara, one of my fashion stylist

Indra, one of the photographers


directing the models
 briefing with photographer and fashion stylists 

 Dinda, my fashion stylist

Dennis, my managing director

funny moment

I love this job and I wish someday I get a job as a fashion editor in the magazine... AMEN !

Jan 24, 2012

Secret Simple and Yummy Recipe

I woke up last night and feels really starving, so I made mushroom pasta for my midnight snack... *nyamnyam*

 always use this magic oil


Jan 22, 2012

Hello There !

Finally I made my new blog, after I lost the last one.... :(

First..... Let me introduce myself.... My name is Angelica and I always do a silly things. Something an immature things, but FUN ! 


My immature things...

And I really love traveling and photograph...

And it's all about me... xoxo