Feb 18, 2012

Around The City

It's been 3 years when I first met my bestfriend Bertha ... Last Friday, she picked me up for having some quality time together. We decided to having some culinary trip and then go to the puppet museum.

coupe de maison and cassata siciliana

 fish and chip for my lunch

fettuccine for Bertha's lunch 

Feb 13, 2012

Cute Little One

Last weekend, I found a little cute stuff. It's a small bag for a kiddo. And I really want it ! AAAAAARGH...

What a cute stuff isn't it ?

Feb 10, 2012

Magical Creature

There was an International Trade Fair held in my campus, start from 8-10 February 2012. I met many magical creatures in there, princess, mermaid and also Mrs. Vampire. And Bertha was a Mrs. Vampire.... Hahaha.

Candy Map

Atha and Bertha

Mrs. Vampire or Cinderella step mother ?

Cinderella and her step mother :D 

I love the details of my sweater

Me and Atha's quote

Really loves this trade fair !! Can't wait for another event....

Feb 4, 2012

Something Gold

Today, I accompanied my momma to the wedding reception. I really love wedding ceremony. Because it's an Indonesian wedding ceremony, so I used kain batik for the outfit...